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Enavigo Consult a/s has from 1.1.2014 established a representative office in Germany and in this connection enganged Mr. Jesper Okkels .




Enavigo Consult a/s has recently established representative office in Spain/Portugal and in this connection hired Fernando Quintero, who is an expert within the fishery industry, animal by-products and proteins.





Stine Borup, skilled butcher and food technologist, is per January 1st, 2013 employed as Junior Consultant at Enavigo Consult a/s. Her specialties are among others Food Safety Management, recipe optimization, deboning and further processing.





Enavigo Consult a/s has recently visited and successfully improved production processes at abattoirs in Ethiopia, Mexico and Chile.





Enavigo Consult a/s has won a tender for a World Bank/Midas project in Montenegro: "Preparation of a Feasibility Study for the disposal of animal by-products"



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Enavigo Consult a/s is a Danish based consultancy providing worldwide assistance within management and operations of food industries as well as IT solutions for the food processing industry, business organisations and national public institutions and international organisations.


Enavigo Consult a/s was established in January 2008 and consists of 10 consultants and 4 associated consultants, all with comprehensive international experience and knowledge within management and operation of the food processing industry, food supply chain and sector analyses – particularly within the meat and fish sectors.




Our competences and services can be schematized as follows


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