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NaviMeat - A food industry specific ERP platform


NaviMeat™ offers a unique and tailor-made solution for monitoring, controlling and optimizing your company's complex business and production processes. The functionality and user-friendliness of the system is unmatched by any other system on the market. The system further allows you to manage and plan your production dynamically in an industry where margins on large volumes are crucial to company profitability. NaviMeat™ ensures that you can always analyze the production, plan accordingly and take any corrective action necessary.



A unique solution, because...


  • NaviMeat™ is a fully integrated IT application for handling of production, administration and management information in one system. This means that it is works with your existing systems
  • Thanks to the modular design, the NaviMeat™ solution can be tailor-made to suit the special requirements, needs and wishes of each individual customer
  • This means that the modules can be implemented as a turnkey solution or module-by-module as a solution for your particular processes. For instance, you could implement a module in conjunction to existing systems. Consequently, you only pay for the functionality that you actually need
  • By weighing terminals, classification equipment and other types of registration equipment, NaviMeat™ collects data from the production for further administrative processing.
  • The integration of data is automatic and data need only be registered once. In this way, the daily workload is reduced considerably, freeing up resources for other assignments. 


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General information:


•  NaviMeat™


Module specific: 


1. Production control

2. Process planning

3. Calculations

4. Data capture

5. Farmer settlement

6. Order/dispatch


For other enquiries, please contact Chief Consultant Kurt Nielsen:

Telephone: +45 23 200 591

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