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Our flow and value chain review include elements from the Lean-thinking:

  • Identify the ”value flows”
  • Remove the non-value creating activities
  • Create a flow around the value creating activities
  • Waiting for processing - equipment and materials
  • Unnecessary transport of products
  • Process waste/ inappropriate production





You want to improve your business - but you are not sure of:

  • Where to start
  • Where you can make to best return of investments
  • What your main competitive advantages and disadvantages are
  • Who your main competitors are

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Production, Processing and Operational Enhancement


Production, processing and operational enhancement aim at optimising your production operations in alignment with the other elements of the value chain. The Enavigo-consultants have profound experience in providing support within improving production capacity as well as production yield, optimisation of raw material utilisation and resource utilisation.



Sustainable & implementable approach


In our analytical approach to production, processing and operation enhancement, it is imperative that the solutions are implemented in such a way that they are easily implemented as well as have long-term, sustainable effects.


Enavigo Consult a/s helps you optimising your production performance

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Optimise your existing resources


Due to our many years of consultancy within the food industry, we possess abundant resources and capacity to detect areas of improvements along production lines, as well as along your business's entire value chain.


Our production flow and Lean-approach use a review of the value chain and production flow for identification of areas and activities to reduce costs and improve the overall performance of a production line.


We have developed two great analytical tools in identifying areas that need improvement in order for you to reduce marginal production costs, and ultimately, increase your revenue.


benchmarking project can give you this information and a lot of other highly valuable information as well as a solid platform for improving and developing your business!