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Multipurpose Seafood Processing: A new opportunity in the fishery industry!


Under a contract with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vietnamese Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, new Multipurpose Seafood Processing lines for processing of shrimp, squid, fish and frog legs have been developed and designed for local manufacturing in Vietnam. For testing and presentation for the total seafood sector in Vietnam, four new MSP lines with a total of 128 operators have been installed and the production started at CASEAFOOD in Cam Ranh, Vietnam.


Result of the new MPS lines

  • Improved quality
  • Increased yield (3 - 4 %)
  • Increased productivity and efficiency (up to 164 %)
  • Reduced water consumption (70 - 80 %)
  • Reduced ice consumption (40 - 50 %)
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced time/temperature load on products


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 Design and Layout of factories

Enavigo Consult a/s offers technical assistance within design and layout of processing lines and equipment for the fishery and meat industry. Since January 2011, we have employed two engineers with comprehensive experience from the food industry and can now offer unique services that combine our comprehensive knowledge and experience within optimisation of productivity, efficiency and yield in food industry with technical design and layout solutions.



Layout for new processing plants or processing lines


We can provide the layout and design of food processing lines and plants. The optimum design and layout are based on our comprehensive knowledge of production techniques, available equipment and are in compliance with all requirements of the markets and the authorities.  

  • Defined product flow from raw material reception to final product storage and dispatch
  • Balanced production lines in order to avoid bottlenecks along the lines
  • Separation of production areas into different hygienic zones with the products always moving towards a zone with a higher hygienic standard
  • Well organised and suitable staff facilities
  • Waste and wastewater treatment organised with full respect to hygiene and environment anf based on Best Available Technology (BAT)
  • Utilisation of waste and by-products for saleable products
  • Always including the highest degree of cleaner technologies all over the plant to make the plant environmentally friendly and improve the economy of production
  • Including the newest methods and equipment, securing the best possible marginal return and the shortest pay-back period

Design of processes and processing equipment


Design of new processes and product development are provided for all kinds of fish and seafood raw material. Design of special equipment, tailoring of standard equipment for specific purposes and development of new technologies are offered to all food and fish processing industries but also for processing and handling of fish on-board fishing vessels. The optimum design is based on our comprehensive knowledge of processing and production techniques, legislative requirements and the most updated rules of hygienic design.

  • Design of unique equipment for the best, most efficient and profitable production
  • Tailored standard equipment to fulfil the specific demands of individual customer's processing lines and production
  • Possibility of being ahead of competitors
  • Professional technical assistance during purchase, production and start-up of new equipment
  • Independent recommendation of suppliers of equipment - based on the customer’s specific needs and demands 


For futher information, please contact Chief Consultant, Johnny Larsen:

Telephone: +45 23 200 974

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