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Raw materials cover approximately 75 % of the cost profile in the meat industry.





A key parameter for a successful business is to control the flow and efficient utilisation of the raw material.





In our yield improvement concept we:


  •  Focus on deviations from customer specifications resulting in yield loss
  •  Attempt to improve cutting and boning methods in cooperation with the supervisors
  •  Establish and implement a follow-up system
  •  Training of the supervisors and the management  team




Experience from a wide range of yield improvement projects indicates the following benefits:



     Pork  = 0.01—0.05

Beef  = 0.01—0.06

        Chicken  = 0.05—0.10

         Turkey  =  0.01—0.06


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Yield and Productivity


Efficiency, productivity and yield are crucial issues to be adressed by food processing companies in order to develop and maintain a successful business. Enavigo Consult a/s has solid proven experience in improving these issues within meat and fish processing companies worldwide.



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