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Our consultants have conducted an impressive amount of projects in more than 25 countries for private companies, ministries and related organisations, business organisations and research institutions:




Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe.

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Project References






Projects 2017


  • Germany: “Production analysis”

    • Denmark: “Staff facility redesign”
    • Denmark: “Product testing and documentation”


    Projects 2016

      • Tanzania: “Climate change effects”

        • Germany: “Fact finding”
        • Germany: “Deviation analysis”
        • Denmark: “Production audit and optimization”
        • Germany: “Management training”
        • Danmark: “facility re-design”


        Projects 2015

          • Poland: “Support of a process plant construction”Germany: “Production assistance and optimization”
          • Kosovo: “Rendering and business plan”
          • Tanzania: “Climate change effects”
          • Denmark: “Market report and business analysis”
          • Denmark: “Assistance with quality control”
          • Russia: “Production optimization”
          • Senegal: “Technical and commercial due diligence”


          Projects 2014

            • Ireland:"Support of LEAN implementation"
            • Norway:"Value Stream Mapping at meat processing plant"
            • Norway:"Training and instruction of key staff"
            • Cameroon:EIA of poultry processing plants"
            • Kosovo: "Preparation of national ABP  facilities"
            • Ethiopia: "EIA of an export slaughterhouse"
            • Norway: "Training and instruction of line managers"
            • Senegal:"Deign and layout of plant for aflatoxin removal"



            Projects 2013


              • Ireland: "implentation of LEAN at a meat processing plant"
              • Senegal:"Feasibility study - removal of aflatoxin"
              • Norway: "Training and instruction of production line managers"
              • Noway: "Benchmarking of 3 beef processing plants"
              • Taiwan: Review of environtal improvement in meat processing sector"
              • Norway: "Production enhancement at 3 plants"


              Projects 2012 

              • Mexico: "Production process optimization; deboning and further processing"
              • Chile: "Production process optimization; deboning and further processing"
              • Ethiopia: "Study on developing, designing and manufacturing of abbattoirs in Ethiopia"
              • Montenegro:"Feasibility stydy for disposal of animal by-products"
              • Japan: "Preliminary study on design and development of meat processing plants"
              • Norway: "Pilot project on food safety and quality management at a fish processing plant"
              • Norway: "Value Stream Mapping of a beef processing plant"
              • Norway: "Value Stream Mapping of a lamb processing plant"
              • Norway: "Value Stream Mapping of a pig processing plant"
              • Norway: "Training program for production line managers - 3 plants"


              Projects 2011

              • Study tour in Europe for Japanese food processing companies
              • Norway: "LEAN project at further meat processing plant" (Nortura Lillehammer)
              • Norway::"Yield and productivity improvement at beef processing plant"
              • Poland/Norway:"Improvement of the value chain of pelagic fish - plants in Poland and Norway" 
              • Denmark:" Time study on working processes at a softdrink plant" 
              • Ireland: "Yield and productivity improvement, staff training at a meat processing plant"
              • Japan: "Review of improvement potentials at a meat processing plant"


              Projects 2010

              • Norway:"Yield and productivity improvement at a meat processing plant"
              • Poland/Norway:"Value added production in Polish fish processing industries" 
              • Australia:"Preview of meat sector benchmarking study"
              • Poland: "Due Diligence - Fish Processing Plant"
              • Norway:"Elaboration of a methodology and approach for benchmarking of the salmon industry"
              • Norway:"Yield and productive improvement Project"
              • Denmark:"NaviMeat - version 5.0 implementation" 
              • Spain: "Yield improvement at a meat processing plant"
              • Norway: "Implementation of Food Safety Management system"
              • Finland:" Recipe optimisation - further processed meat products" 
              • Norway: "Yield and productivity improvement at beef processing plant"
              • Norway: "LEAN project at further meat processing plant" (Nortura Sarpsborg) 

              Projects 2008 - 2009

              • Norway: ”Pelagic Sector Development”
              • Norway: ”Benchmarking in Pelagic Industry – 4 companies”
              • Ireland: ”Production enhancement in SME beef processing plants”
              • Ireland: ”Road map for optimisation and improvement of the business performance”
              • Ireland:"Operation and Management Support for a Meat Processing Plant"
              • Poland, Denmark, Norway: ”Benchmarking of pig slaugtherhouses”
              • Australia:"Business Performance Analysis"
              • Norway:"Yield and productivity improvement at 5 meat processing plants"
              • Norway:"Feasibility study on design and set-up of an IT based Benchmarking system"
              • Poland/Norway:"Value added production in Polish fish processing industries" 
              • Denmark:"Feasibility study - ERP implementation"


              Selected customer references of the Enavigo consultants (prior to 2008)


              Food Companies

              • Atria Scandinavia, Sweden
              • Barfuss, Germany
              • Bergen Fiskeindustri, Norway
              • Bunge Meat Industries - Corowa Australia
              • Callan Bacon, Ireland
              • Cherkizovsky, Russia
              • Colcom. Zimbabwe
              • CRF (Colac otway pty ltd), Colac, Australia
              • Danish Crown, Denmark
              • Dawn Pork and Bacon, Ireland
              • EAC – Venezuela
              • Egersund Nord, Norway
              • Eskort Ltd, South Africa
              • Farmers Choice, Kenya
              • Fryseriet, Norway
              • Glanbia Meats, Ireland
              • Glanbia, Ireland
              • Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd., New Zealand
              • HK Ruokatalo, Finland
              • Hydro Seafood – Norway
              • Jarvi Suomen Portti, Finland
              • KR Darling Downs, Brisbane, Australia
              • Lofoten Pelagisk, Norway
              • Maple Leaf – Burlington, Canada
              • McCarren & Co Ireland 
              • Modolv sjøset, Norway
              • Nortura, Norway
              • Oakpark, Ireland
              • Olhausens, Ireland
              • PATEL, S A – Spain
              • Prime Food, Poland
              • Progressive Meat Ltd., New Zealand
              • R Croan and Sons – Edinburgh Scotland
              • Rakevere, Lihakombinat, Estonia
              • Rakvere Lihakombinat, Estonia
              • Rigas Miesnieks, Latvia
              • Sapropor – Montijo, Portugal
              • Snellmmann, Finland
              • Swedish Meats, Sweden
              • Swickers, Australia 
              • TiCan, Denmark
              • Westfleisch, Germany

              Ministries and related organisations

              • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poland
              • State Veterinary Inspection, Poland
              • Ministry of Agriculture, Romania
              • Ministry of Agriculture, Slovakia
              • Ministry of Agriculture, Latvia
              • Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania
              • The Gorbatoch’s All Russian Meat Research Institute, Russia
              • Meat and Fat Research Institute, Poland

              Funding Organisations:

              • Enterprise Ireland
              • European Commission
              • World Bank
              • KfW - Germany
              • Innovation Norway
              • The Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund, Norway
              • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Neigbourhood Programme
              • Danida