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We are presently engaged in a two year project aiming at cooperation and integration of the Norwegian-Polish pelagic supply chain



Enavigo Consult a/s has conducted benchmarking projects in the pelagic industry




Enavigo Consult a/s has in 2010 made a review on establishing of export networks in the Norwegian fish sector




Enavigo Consult a/s outlined in 2010 an approach and methodology for benchmarking in the salmon sector




In 2008, we were engaged to analyse and draft a strategic sector development plan for the Norwegian pelagic sector


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Seafood Sector


Our wide-ranging service portfolio also includes comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the fishery industry, in which we have a solid track record.



Fish processing improvement

  • We have conducted several projects aiming at improving the efficiency and profitability of fish processing. Hence, we have profound experience in improving yield and productivity in the salmon processing industry and the pelagic industry.
  • A benchmarking project covering four pelagic plants has been used as a tool for measuring the productivity and efficiency in the pelagic industry as well as for identifying areas for improvement.
  • Our own service development, "Lean Light",  is an excellent approach for improvement in the fish processing industry in general.  


Design and layout of factories

  • A correct design and layout of fishery factories is imperative for optimal production flow and yields.
  • In this regard, we have more than 20 years of experience
  • The optimum design and layout is based on our comprehensive knowledge of production techniques and the equipment available at your facilities
  • Increased productivity and efficiency


Markets, products and supply chains

  • We have been heavily involved in methods and approaches for continuous product development and increasing the market position for the Norwegian pelagic sector
  • We are engaged in a project that aims at improving the Norwegian–Polish pelagic supply chain through a closer cooperation between the stakeholders in the supply chain in order to create an efficient and profitable supply chain for the benefits of the stakeholders


Sector development

  • We have made a comprehensive sector development plan for the Norwegian pelagic sector.
  • The sector plan outlines activities and initiatives for a sustainable and progressive development of the pelagic industry including:
    • structural adjustments
    • production control
    • product development and quality
    • export strategies and integration of R&D



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