A cornerstone for a sustainable production

A cornerstone for a sustainable production

Training of supervisors at Westfleisch – a business case from Germany

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In 2016 and 2017, Enavigo Consult conducted a supervisor training project at Westfleisch SCE GmbH in Germany.

The front runner for the training project was a performance analysis conducted throughout the Westfleisch Group by Enavigo Consult. The performance analysis highlighted the operational improvement possibilities, areas where the Westfleisch supervisors would like to have their basic learned skills updated and where new skills could be added.

Any investment requires a pay-back. Also a training program and in this case the pay-back were delivered from an overall improved production economy containing improved product yields, an improved understanding of the value of the raw material and maybe most importantly: the cost of wrong raw material utilization.

The keyword for the training process was in “co-operation” with both supervisors and the daily management team at Westfleisch. The focus of the training project was to update the skills by assisting in identifying best practice both in process and managing the process. Also the focus was to deliver the tools to the supervisors so that they could improve and develop the production of today and the production to come.

Supervisors from the 4 factories; Coesfeld, Erkenschwick, Gelsenkirchen and Hamm were chosen to participate in the program. By involving participants from 4 different factories the participants would have the possibility to share and spread their knowledge across the factories.

The training project was successful conducted at the plants and delivered at a ceremony for all participants at Mövenpick Hotel in Münster where the results were presented.

This was a solid foundation for the improvement work that continues throughout 2017. Concerning the effort, managing director and head of training at Enavigo Consult, Steen Gregers Pedersen, said:

What you have done these last months is a huge deal: improved yield, better communication, optimal transfer of knowledge by every single employee – this is a good foundation for the future success”.

Christian Mol, process manager at Westfleisch, encouraged the employees further:

You now know how optimal yield is achieved. Do not keep this knowledge to yourselves. Your task is to show your colleagues how it works. You will be stronger together. That is amazing

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