Enavigo Consult a/s has solid experience with benchmarking in relation to slaughtering and processing of pig, beef, poultry and fish. We possess a huge database on international performance data which enables us to compare the performance of any company against the average European performance and, thus, identify areas for improvement in your company. The benchmarking can therefore be made both with internal and external focus:

  • Internal
    • Between factories or areas within your company based on data from a fact finding analysis or data delivered by you to Enavigo Consult.
  • External
    • Between your company and the highest possible standards in Europe and the world based on our database and data from a fact finding analysis or data delivered by you to Enavigo Consult.

The purpose

A benchmarking project will give you a lot of other highly valuable information as well as a solid platform for improving and developing your business. It will also help you to identify key improvement areas much easier than on your own.

The process

The process happens in 4 simple steps

  • A production audit or factfinding that will provide us with the necessary data.
  • The data from your company will be compared against best and average practice through our database that comprises data from meat and fish processing facilities worldwide.
  • We will make a report including an analysis and interpretation of the result.
  • The report will provide you with highly valuable information on the present performance of your production facilities and indicate areas for improvement in terms of money and quantities. This report will be an important tool for decision on reorganisation of production, investments in technology and equipment, etc.

Content / tools

The benchmarking process includes a number of parameters to include and analyse:

The result

The results of any of our benchmarking projects have always been a fast and very high return of investment provided that the company is willing to commit to change.

When to choose a benchmarking project?

If you want to improve your business, but you are not sure of:

  • Where to start
  • Where you can make the best return on investments
  • What your competitive advantages and disadvantages are