• Preview of meat sector benchmarking study
  • Business Performance Analysis


  • Preparation of detailed draft design for new marinated herring processing plant in Brest.


  • New fish processing plant – capacity 9,000 t of raw material/year.


  • Production process optimization; deboning and further processing


  • Food database on clean technology.
  • Assisstance to small Danish slaugtherhouse in setting up risk analyses for poultry slaughtering and cleaning of pig & cattle casings for human consumption.
  • Assistance in preparation of layout and processes for a sustainable organic abattoir and meat processing plant with own shop.
  • Assistance in the setting up of the own control system and getting the final authorisation from FVST.

  • Developing of mechanical equipment for handling of chocolate.
  • Developing of new equipment for automatic cleaning of pig casings.
  • Investment and development plan for production of spareribs and tenderloin.
  • More efficient and fast cleaning of production facilities and equipment in slaughterhouses.
  • New methods for handling and transportation of animal by-products for Petfood production.
  • New mobile slaughterhouse for poultry.
  • Optimisation of sausage production, slicing and packing.
  • Optimisation of smoked salmon production, Polar Seafood, Esbjerg.
  • Preparation of layout for high quality tuna processing plant in the Philippines.
  • Preservation methods for animal bi-products.
  • Production audit at major Danish meat processor to identify potentials for improvements.
  • Production audit, processed meat and sausages.
  • Rationalisation and remodelling of herring, mackerel and cod filleting plant. Capacity 25,000 t of herring, 13,000 t of mackerel and 6,000 t of white fish per year.
  • Reduction of “give away” in processed meat production.
  • Setting up hygiene and sanitation control procedures for the slaughterhouse and meat production, including the restaurant and kitchen.

  • Feasibility study – ERP implementation

  • Planning and detailed design of new upgraded fish processing plant in Abu Simbel.
  • Technical draft project and business plan for processing facility in Abu Simbel of EU standard.


  • Establishment of environmentally compatible Estonian fishing industry on feasible conditions regarding economy and energy. 
  • Model cannery – Establishment of a “Danish design” model fish cannery equipped with Danish production machinery and operating according to Danish standards for layout, hygiene, environmental protection, working environment, quality and efficiency of production.


  • Assesment of Abattoirs – Evaluating of 2 new build abattoirs in Ethiopia regarding building facilities, equipment, processing methods, labour skills and management capacity for KfW.
  • Environmental Impact Assesment for large export slaughterhouse for Mercy Corps/USAID.


  • Fact finding and analysis
  • Recipe optimization – further processed meat products


  • Rehabilitation and extension of a shrimp and fish processing plant producing block frozen products.


  • Production analysis and optimization
  • Production assistance and optimization
  • Production Master Plan for cutting and deboning plant for 10.000 pigs/day
  • Value stream mapping – pig slaughtering.
  • Fact finding
  • Deviation analysis
  • Management training


  • Project management tools.
  • Royal Greenland production –  3 new shrimp and fish processing plants.


  • Secondary Fisheries Schools – Layout and cost estimate for fish processing pilot plant for vocational training.


  • Fact-finding at large poultry processor including review of new large slaughterhouse for poultry.


  • Support of LEAN implementation
  • Implentation of LEAN at a meat processing plant
  • Training of middle management and supervisors in LEAN methodologies. 

  • Yield and productivity improvement, staff training at a meat processing plant
  • Production enhancement in SME beef processing plants
  • Road map for optimization and improvement of the business performance
  • Operation and management support for a meat processing plant


  • Preliminary study on design and development of meat processing plants
  • Study tour in Europe for Japanese food processing companies
  • Review of improvement potentials at a meat processing plant


  • Technical assistance and quality assurance on a detailed design for a new rendering plant in Kosovo  in compliance with the EU regulations.
  • Preparation of logistic plans for the safe storage, collection, transportation and rendering of animal by-products.
  • Preparation of presentations on animal by-products handling in accordance with the EU regulations. Carrying through of 3 seminars for the relevant stakeholders in Kosovo.
  • Clean/low waste technology.
  • Introduction of clean/low waste technologies.
  • National Board of Fisheries – Assistance to the Latvian fish processing industry by developing, piloting and implementation of an “own check programme” based on the HACCP concept.
  • National Board of Fisheries – SAPARD.
  • Pre-feasibility study for smoked sprat canning plant with a capacity of 3500 tons of raw material per year.


  • Department of Fisheries – Assistance to the fishing industry in Lithuania on establishing a Trade Association and improving quality, economy, management and marketing.
  • Developing and marketing of new products for the fishing industry in Lithuania.
  • Development and implementation of Management Information System for the fishing industry.
  • Ministry of Agriculture Lithuania, Fisheries Department – Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Ministry of Agriculture Lithuania, Fisheries Department – An analysis of the industry’s condition and performance including a strategy for preparing the industry for the Lithuanian admission to the EU.
  • Preparation of rationalisation and modernisation plans for companies.

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Department – master plan for the fisheries sector.


  • Production process optimization; deboning and further processing


  • DANIDA – Team Leader for the study of the shore-based processing facilities in Sofala.
  • DANIDA- Identification of processing plants suitable for upgrading.
  • DANIDA- Preparation of guideline for establishing of new processing facilities, business plans, evaluation of vessels and shorebased processing facilities, training curricula, technical documentation and maintenance manuals.

  • Master plan for the fisheries.


  • Preparation of a Feasibility Study for the disposal of animal by-products in accordance with EU regulation 


  • Training and instruction of key staff, line managers and production managers
  • Production enhancement at 3 plants
  • Pilot project on food safety and quality management at a fish processing plant
  • Yield and productivity improvement at beef processing plant
  • Yield and productivity improvement at a meat processing plant
  • Elaboration of a methodology and approach for benchmarking of the salmon industry
  • Yield and productivity improvement project
  • Implementation of Food Safety Management system
  • Yield and productivity improvement at beef processing plant
  • Yield and productivity improvement at 5 meat processing plants
  • Feasibility study on design and set-up of an IT-based benchmarking system
  • Analysis for optimisation of chicken & turkey slaughtering, cutting, deboning, value adding and packing of 35.000 tons/year
  • Benchmarking – between 4 production facilities for slaugthering and cutting of cattle.
  • Elaboration of Benchmarking for 4 pelagic industries.
  • FHL Pelagic Forum, Developing of the Norwegian Pelagic Sector.
  • Implementation of LEAN within meat processing at 2 processing plants.
  • Improved value chain for Norwegian/Polish pelagic processing.
  • Optimisation and Value Stream Mapping at consumerpack facility.
  • Training of department managers from planning, manning, slicing & packing, mincing & packing, and material reception area.
  • Training of supervisors at consumer pack facility.
  • Training of supervisors from the slaughter line and meat production at 6 slaugther houses.
  • Value stream mapping – slaughtering and cutting of cattle including production of minced meat in consumer packs at 3 plants.
  • Value stream mapping – slaughtering and cutting of lambs including production of consumer packs.
  • Value stream mapping – slaughtering, deboning and cutting of pigs and sows including production of consumers packed meat.
  • Benchmarking study for slaughtering, cutting and deboning of cattle and swine.
  • Workshop concerning implementation of LEAN in production.


  • Clean/low waste technology.
  • Quality Manage­ment according to ISO 9002.
  • Danish Environmental Protection Agency – Assistance to the Polish Fishing Industry by introduction and implementation of cleaner technology concepts in utilisation of natural Baltic fish resources.
  • FAPA/Phare project – Development of organisational structures and investment planning for regional and national fish sector. 
  • Layout for new chill store and layout for new frozen sprat production plant.
  • Preparation of draft project including layout, process description, capacity balances and investment budget for a new cannery with a capacity of 50 mio. cans per year. 
  • Preparation of layout and investment budget for a new preliminary fish processing plant.

  • Preparation of layout, new product assortment and business plan for a new canning plant.
  • Preparation of layout, new product assortment and business plan for a new canning plant.
  • Proposal for state of the art fish cannery.
  • Four training workshops of 10 days each for the fishing industry sectors on technology, quality and management. 


  • Production optimization
  • Training of 16 managers on a one week intensive course in Denmark.
  • Master plan for new pig slaughterhouse, cutting and deboning plant.
  • AtlantNIRO – Assistance in transforming of the fishing industry in Kaliningrad to become a viable sector by introduction and implementation of a tailored HACCP concept.
  • Business plan for new frozen fish production plant including new chill and cold stores.
  • Project regarding the establish­ment of a modern fish processing plant and cold stores in Kaliningrad. 


  • Cannery for sardine, mackerel and miscellaneous products.


  • Technical and commercial due diligence for a newly established fish processing complex with yearly production up to 90.000 tons.
  • Analysis of groundnut processing and proposal for detoxification plant for removal of aflatoxin.

South Africa

  • Upgrading of white fish processing plants. 


  • Yield improvement at a meat processing plant


  • Clean & Lean with zero waste in the pig industry.


  • CLEAT – Fisheries management and more value adding and improved quality in the entire value chain.


  • Feasibility study of a canning plant for tuna, mackerel and sardine and a connected can making plant and fish meal plant. 


  • New processing plant for seabars and trout.


  • Implementation of cleaner technology.
  • SEAQIP – DANIDA –  Developing the 2nd generation MSP line for seafood.
  • SEAQIP – DANIDA – Design and implementation of computerised production control system for the MSP lines.
  • SEAQIP – DANIDA, Study tour in Denmark.
  • SEAQIP – DANIDA – Introduction of clean technology & wastewater treatment in the seafood industry.
  • SEAQIP – DANIDA – Testing of new Multipurpose Seafood Processing Lines. 


Selected customer references of the Enavigo consultants

 Food Companies

  • Atria, Finland
  • Atria Scandinavia, Sweden
  • Barfuss, Germany
  • Bergen Fiskeindustri, Norway
  • Bunge Meat Industries – Corowa Australia
  • Callan Bacon, Ireland
  • Cherkizovo, Russia
  • Colcom. Zimbabwe
  • CRF (Colac otway pty ltd), Colac, Australia
  • Danish Crown, Denmark
  • Dawn Pork and Bacon, Ireland
  • EAC – Venezuela
  • Egersund Nord, Norway
  • Eskort Ltd, South Africa
  • Fryseriet, Norway
  • Glanbia Meats, Ireland
  • Glanbia, Ireland
  • Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd., New Zealand
  • HK Ruokatalo, Finland
  • Hydro Seafood – Norway
  • Jarvi Suomen Portti, Finland
  • KR Darling Downs, Brisbane, Australia
  • Lofoten Pelagisk, Norway
  • Maple Leaf – Burlington, Canada
  • McCarren & Co Ireland
  • Modolv sjøset, Norway
  • Nortura, Norway
  • Oakpark, Ireland
  • Olhausens, Ireland
  • PATEL, S A – Spain
  • Prime Food, Poland
  • Progressive Meat Ltd., New Zealand
  • R Croan and Sons – Edinburgh Scotland
  • Rakvere Lihakombinat, Estonia
  • Rigas Miesnieks, Latvia
  • Sapropor – Montijo, Portugal
  • Snellmmann, Finland
  • Swedish Meats, Sweden
  • Swickers, Australia
  • TiCan, Denmark
  • Westfleisch, Germany

Ministries and related organisations

  • Aarhus University
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poland
  • State Veterinary Inspection, Poland
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Romania
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Slovakia
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Latvia
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania
  • The Gorbatoch’s All Russian Meat Research Institute, Russia
  • Meat and Fat Research Institute, Poland

Funding Organisations:

  • Enterprise Ireland
  • European Commission
  • World Bank
  • KfW – Germany
  • Innovation Norway
  • The Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund, Norway
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Neigbourhood Programme
  • Danida