LEAN light

LEAN light

Enavigo Consult a/s has developed the ”Lean Light”-concept in order to provide a solution that reduces the company´s inputs and gives quicker and better results. The “Lean Light” approach focuses on the production processes and not the product. The “Lean Light” concept uses elements from the traditional Lean for analysis of production and flow, and is mapping areas of improvement as well as it is a tool for the implementation of improvements.

The purpose

The purpose of a LEAN light project is:

  • To improved productivity
  • To minimize waste and loss
  • To reduce resources and inputs
  • To identify bottlenecks
  • To ensure a steady flow

The process

Professional staff who are experts within the food industry experience conduct a production audit paying special attention to:

  • LEAN principles
  • Management and operation
  • Production and processing
  • Engineering and factory layout

After the audit a report will be made with suggestions for improvement and an estimated profit. The suggestions can be implemented with or without assistance from Enavigo Consult

Content / tools

A LEAN light project contains the following: 

  • Implementation of blackboard-meetings and introduction of new effective targets/indicators
  • Value stream mapping of current situation
  • Identification and registration of waste
  • Manning analysis
  • Analysis of the technical conditions of processing equipments

The result

A LEAN light project have several outcomes:

  • Reduction of salary costs € / kg
  • Improved flow, logistics, and lower stocks
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Suggestions for future value stream
  • Better ROI

Success criteria and preconditions:

  • Management commitment and acceptance
  • The organisation’s readiness for change
  • Employee awareness and involvement

When to choose a lean light project?

  • If you have problems regarding high production costs, flow, logistics and general low profit but are unsure of the reason why.