How we work


Our consultants have been working within their respective fiels for decades and gathered experience from more than 25 countries. We know best practice and we have spent many years implementing it around the globe.

Through the employment of a variety of specialists with different nationalities and complementary business skills, we enjoy specific country and customer insights which permit us to tailor-make the solutions to your challenges

Who are you?

Every company has its troubles and without exception, there are always improvements to be made. If you are willing to increase your profit and create lasting changes, you should contact us. 

If you know which key problem areas you have, we can help you there. If you are unsure, we can find them and deliver a solution

The process

  • Every project starts with a visit and a production audit performed by Enavigo Consult on site. The production audit includes a fact finding and results in a deviation analysis and an action plan.

The fact finding includes

  • A production overview (made by Enavigo Consult)
  • Product specifications (provided by the company)
  • Daily production report on e.g. by-products and yield (provided by the company)
  • Production plan (provided by the company)
  • Manning details (provided by the company)
The next step is to perform a deviation analysis to deliver an action plan. The deviation analysis includes:
  • Valuing lost yield
  • Optimization “line by line”
  • New production standards
  • Flow / re-design
A final report will be delivered based on the analysis. It will contain suggestions for improvement and an estimated profit. The suggestions can be implemented with or without assistance from Enavigo Consult.

The report will focus on:

  • Yield
  • General production
  • Flow
  • Proof of findings
  • Estimated financial gains


Content / tools

We have a number of methods and project tools we use in our work with optimizing food industry productions around the world. Every solution will be tailor made to suit your specific needs:

  • Production audit
  • Yield optimization
  • Training (all levels)
  • Benchmarking
  • Lean light projects (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Production planning (NaviMeatTM)
  • Factory layout and planning
  • Environmental issues and analysis

The result

We have yet to provide anything less than € 0,05 / kg. at any project. This ensures you a high ROI-ration as well as fast and lasting results. We also emphasize sustainability a great deal. We want the improvements to continue long after we part ways.

The improvements will target productivity, processes, slaughtering, deboning, yield improvements, flow, manning and knowledge/skills among your employees and every single area relevant to ensuring your company greater profitability.