Enavigo Consult a/s have conducted numerous training projects internationally concerning yield, value-added productions, technical skill sets, management, communication, work instruction, lean, flow and other key production areas.

Experience from previous projects has shown that it is a challenge to maintain the positive results after having finished the project. One of the main reasons behind this is that the employees lack the skills, knowledge and correct tools to enable them to realize the potential. This is why training of the employees is essential.

A qualified labor force ensures:

  • An improvement of the production results.
  • A future positive financial result.
  • A professional development of your staff

Every training project is aimed to be a combination of theory and practice.

The purpose

The purpose with a training project depends on the work made prior to the project.

The training is based on work done by Enavigo Consult. The purpose will be to strengthen the professional and personal qualifications and competences of the employees and thereby realizing the potential found by e.g. a production audit.

The purpose is also to ensure that the results found and the potential covered will be a part of a sustainable solution.

The process

Firstly, we need to know, what knowledge or which skills are needed to be able to conduct an effective training session. Afterwards, an offer and possible set-up will be delivered for further discussion regarding time, extent etc.

The subjects are suited especially to meet your needs and throughout the project, any wishes and thoughts from you will be taken into consideration. There will also be a continuous evaluation from the candidates and the company to Enavigo Consult to ensure that the training program at all times meet expectations.

Content / tools

The content of the training program differs depending on your needs. The training can be done with at all levels of a company: manager, line leader and operator. The subjects can be

  • Technical skills (directly linked to the daily production)
    • Slaugthering
    • Cutting
    • Deboning
    • Value added production
  • Management and leadership
  • Production control
  • Communication
  • Improvement methods
  • Lean-related subjects

The result

The individual employee will experience a professional and personal development and there will be a greater understanding of the connection between different areas of the production as well as a stronger professional network at the factory.

Furthermore, the professional qualifications will be:

  • A better understanding of the connection between the different areas of the production and correct working methods.
  • A better understanding of the areas where the money is earned and lost and thereby a better ability to plan and execute the daily production.
  • A better decision making ability

This will result in overall improvements and a long-lasting return of investment.


When to choose a training project?

A training project is the way to ensure sustainability in every project and a natural finish to a production audit or to any work with yield optimization.