Yield optimization


Projects regarding yield optimization are one of the specialties at Enavigo Consult a/s. There is a very high possibility that the findings in a production audit or that your own discoveries will lead to the conclusion that there is improvement to be gained by working with yield optimization. 

Furthermore our experience shows us that the fastest and highest return of investment comes by working with yield optimization.

The purpose

The purpose with a yield optimization project is to discover any deviations from what we at Enavigo Consult a/s knows to be best practice. The deviations will lead to intensive work with key yield areas to immediately improve your production processes. Another benefit besides the main purpose is that a yield optimization project often leads to time reduction, minimization of waste and optimization of the entire production flow.

The process

The process in a yield optimization project will be to first conduct a production audit, evaluate on the results and based on the best practice line of thought then show and train your operators so that they know and can implement best practice in the production.

Content / tools

The tools used are the production audit, especially a deviation analysis based on best practice knowledge. Practical tests and production work are the next step before the training of your operators and thereby implementing the changes in your production

The result

Within 4 weeks of the project start you will experience an increase depending on the state at the beginning of the project. Below is shown the typical development in € based on an average from previous projects:

Additionally, the value creation will become more efficient thanks to reduction of time and waste, and to the optimization of the entire production flow. 

When to choose a yield optimization project?

If you want to increase your profits at a fast and steady rate, a yield optimization project is what you should choose. If you are unsure where to start, most of your costs are related to the raw materials and therefore a yield optimization will in most cases prove to be a perfect solution